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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

H2O: The Art of Conservation

John Manley's Leaky

Faucets Sound Like Leaky Faucets
H2O: The Art of Conservation

Fourteen local artists were given a water-saving mission: create a site-specific sculpture that makes water conservation aesthetically pleasing. 
The installation was on display at the opening of H2O: The Art of Water Conservation exhibition at The Water Conservation Garden in El Cajon in 2011. The project is a result of the joint effort of the San Diego Fine Art Society, The Water Conservation Garden and was curated by Rebecca Ansert of Green Public Art.

It is part of a body of work titled Clear, which is a series of kinetic sculptures combining the harshness of metal with the delicate nature of glass and water. Although the sculpture is fun and colorful, at its core, Clear is about protection and preservation of water, our most precious natural resource.
Artist, Neal Bociek talks about his work, "For the most part, other than emphasizing playfulness, motion and energy, our works deal with conservation of water and explore and hopefully inspire alternative and creative ways of traveling like my series of sculptures along the coastline from Pacific Beach to La Jolla entitled "Landsailers"."

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